Back Pain Treatment

Your back is a large part of your body, and it should be taken care of. The best way to deal with this is by visiting a chiropractor for treatment. A chiropractor will treat you from head to toe, but many people come in just because they are experiencing back pain. Chiropractors can provide relief with their adjustments and therapy treatments that may include massage or acupuncture. 

Back pain can range from mild to severe, and it may be felt throughout your body or only in a localized area. In addition, there are various types of back-related ailments such as arthritis, muscle spasms, herniated discs, and scoliosis.


Most backaches are caused by an injury or repetitive stress on the spine, resulting in inflammation. 

Back Pain Treatment

The most important consideration is whether you have sciatica (pain that shoots down your leg) because this could be a sign of a more severe condition, such as a herniated disc.

Back pain can happen for many reasons, including arthritis or a fracture in the spine due to trauma or bone spurs that develop from inflammation.

The most common cause of back pain is a traumatic injury such as falling on one’s back and injuring the vertebrae. Here are some factors contributing to back pain:

  • increase in workload, or physical activities
  • prolonged sitting at the desk, in the car, or front of the television
  • no immediate care following an injury
  • poor postural habits 
  • heavy lifting
  • muscle or ligament strain
  • ruptured disks

Our chiropractors at Richmond Hill Chiropractor can guide you on the cause of your back problems and treat you accordingly.


Back pain can be a constant, dull pain, or it can come and go. The most common symptom is radiating back pain that may numb the legs or buttocks area.


Some people will experience lower-back stiffness that gradually awakens them from sleep with morning backaches. Pain below your shoulder blades could also mean you have arthritis, a common cause of back pain.


Our experts do various treatments at Richmond Hill Chiropractor to provide relief and reduce the pain in your body.

Spinal Manipulation And Manual Manipulation​

Spinal Manipulation And Manual Manipulation

The chiropractors at Richmond Hill Chiropractor use spinal manipulations and manual manipulation to reduce pressure on the vertebrae, which will relieve pain.


A chiropractor does spinal Manipulation to reduce inflammation, relieve pressure on joints, and improve nerve function. It is done by a fast, short lever arm thrust applied to your abnormal vertebra.


In the case of manual manipulation, our chiropractor mainly uses hands. At Richmond Hill Chiropractor, we also use our hands to apply pressure to your affected muscles and tissues and painful joints in your body.


One of the treatments that our experts do at Richmond Hill Chiropractor to treat back pain is Mobilization.

Mobile mobilization has been suggested as a treatment for chronic low-back pain and other conditions. It can be beneficial in reducing stiffness and inflammation around joints caused by arthritis. Our therapist will move your joint using small, passive movements. This movement will stretch and strengthen your issue surrounding the bone. This treatment will help you with your pain and also give you an increased range of motion.


Many people come into Richmond Hill Chiropractor just because they are experiencing back pain. Our chiropractors can provide relief with their adjustments and therapy treatments that may include massage or acupuncture.

In case you experience back pain, make sure to come in for a consultation. The chiropractors at Richmond Hill Chiropractor are experts that can help ease your aches and get rid of the discomfort from your body with their treatments. Call us today for a free consultation and to find out the best treatment for your back pain.

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