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Headache is characterized by pain in the head or face, as well as upper neck pain. Pain-sensitive structures on the head and face include skin and bone and structures in the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. They can be throbbing, persistent, or mild pain, each with symptoms, causes, and remedies. After determining the sort of headache you’re experiencing, you and our chiropractor can choose the most likely treatment to alleviate and prevent them.



While most headaches aren’t the result of a life-threatening ailment, some do. You can assist our therapists at Richmond Hill Chiropractor, understand the source of your headache and help them manage it by describing your symptoms.


Some of the common causes of headaches include:


  • Stress. 
  • Hormonal headache.
  • Genetics.
  • Caffeine or nicotine withdrawal headache.
  • Nutritional deficiencies.
  • Blood pressure problems (hypertension).
  • Alcohol overuse headache.
  • Menstrual headaches, including those that accompany the menstrual period and those that occur before it starts.
  • Illness like infections, colds, and fevers.


Headaches can cause many different symptoms, but headache sufferers often experience the following:


  • Pain or discomfort in one area of your head.
  • Dull headaches are worse when you wake up in the morning and then get better throughout the day.
  • Constant headache with no relief during daytime hours (when pain should be less).
  • Weakness
  • Sudden loss of balance.
  • Speech difficulties
  • Mental confusion
  • Numbness or tingling


The headache treatment by our chiropractor at Richmond Hill Chiropractor will depend on what is causing your headache and how it impacts you.


Some of the most common treatments include:

Chiropractic Neck Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments to relieve nerve pressure in the head, neck, or spine. Our chiropractor uses cervical manipulation to loosen up the cervical vertebrae joints in the neck. As a result, pinched nerves, muscle spasticity, and other contributory causes can be relieved.

Massage Therapy For Relaxation

Our therapists start by placing the thumbs on your cheekbones close to your ears. Then they use their fingertips to apply pressure gently and touch your temples until they feel a difference (the soft spot between the corner of your eye and your ear). When massaging your scalp or forehead, the therapists use firm pressure and a slight circular motion to slowly glide the fingers up and up along the hairline until they meet in the center of your forehead.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy is a technique used by our Richmond Hill Chiropractor that involves applying pressure to susceptible points of pain (trigger points). The therapist will probe the trigger point with gentle tapping or pushing.

Myofascial Release

Our therapists employ trigger point release massage to treat myofascial trigger point headaches, a sort of massage. A tightened, knotted muscle is the subject of this massage, which aims to relieve it.


This headache treatment by Chiropractors at Richmond Hill is based on traditional Chinese medicine. Acupuncture needles are inserted into different points in your body, such as “meridians” that carry energy and balance to your organs. The insertion of these needles unblocks this flow of energy to stimulate healthy healing processes throughout your body.

Cupping Therapy

This headache treatment by chiropractors is based on ancient Chinese healing practices, which have been used for centuries to stimulate blood flow and release toxins in the muscles of the neck or shoulders. Our Richmond Hill Chiropractors use suction cups over these areas that bring a vacuum-like pull to create drainage and improve circulation.

Many headache treatments are available, but most headache sufferers find that the best headache relief is found through chiropractic care. Comfort can be achieved by utilizing various techniques, including cervical manipulation and massage therapy for relaxation. If you suffer from headaches in Richmond Hill, ON, we want to help. Our chiropractic headache treatment is designed to provide relief, so contact our Richmond Hill Chiropractor today!

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