Visit Oak Ridges Corridor Conservation Reserve in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Oak Ridges Corridor Conservation Reserve

Richmond Hill (2016 census population: 195022) is a Canadian city located in the South-Central York Region, Ontario. It is part of the Greater Toronto Area. It’s the third-most populous municipality within York Region and the 28th-most populous city. Richmond Hill can be found between Vaughan and Markham in the north and south of Aurora.


Richmond Hill has experienced significant growth in its population since 1990. It became a community in 2019 after becoming a town in 1956. The David Dunlap Observatory telescope, Canada’s largest, is located in the city’s heart.



The 2016 Census showed a population growth of 5.1% to 195,022. The 2016 census showed that the median age was 42.4 years, slightly lower than the Ontario median of 41.3. In 2016, 60.0% of the population were visible minorities.


According to 2016 Census data English is the mother language for 36.3% of Richmond Hill residents. Cantonese-speaking natives make up 11.6%. Mandarin (11.1%) and Persian (9.8%) are close behind. Russian (5.0%); Italian (3.2%); and Korean (2.2%) are the most common.



Richmond Hill is a small town with a bit of history. It was founded in 1872 and made a village by York County Council. The state of Virginia became effective the year after. The city developed as a residential and agriculture hub until 1956 when it received the status of a Town from the Ontario municipal board.


In 1970, the York Regional Municipality was established. The borders of Richmond Hill Town were enlarged through the annexation of small sections of neighboring Markham King Whitchurch and Whitchurch to form Richmond Hill Ontario. The town’s population increased by over 15,000 and its total area by more than 250,000 acres. Numerous communities were affected by the town’s rapid expansion, including Dollar and Jefferson. This was the time when the town was annexed.


The population of this charming city, once one of the richest in the country, had risen to one million by the early 1970s. The arrival of GO trains in the mid-1970s caused a slowdown in town growth. This was continued until the 1990s when development resumed full force. This growth was mainly due to immigration. Statistics Canada listed Richmond Hill as the country’s fastest-growing metropolitan area during this era. Richmond Hill’s local council approved a motion for the city to be made a city. This was in January 2019. It is Canada’s most populous economic and residential community.


Oak Ridges Corridor Conservation Reserve

This property of 175 hectares is located in Richmond Hill. It features mature forests, meadows, and kettle lakes.


ORCCR’s extensive trail network is available to both residents and visitors. It allows you to take in the natural beauty of this area while protecting its integrity.


It is now much easier to appreciate the natural wonders at Oak Ridges Moraine, for both walkers and cyclists, with the completion of the Oak Ridges Corridor Conservation Reserve Trail.


On Monday, Oct. 31, dignitaries of Richmond Hill, Toronto, Region Conservation, and members of society gathered at the Oak Ridges Community Centre Richmond Hill to celebrate the grand inauguration of the new trail.


The Oak Ridges Corridor Conservation Reserve Trail has a length of 5.2 km and is part of a Lake to Lake Trail that will provide a continuous 121km trail for walkers or cyclists from Lake Ontario to Lake Simcoe.


There are many points to access the reserve. You can go west to Bathurst Avenue and as far as Bayview Avenue. This also intertwines Bond Lake, which is further down the list.


This reserve is unique because it is relatively unknown. While Bond Lake is well-known to many, the extent of the corridor and its many connectors and secondary trails is unknown to most.

It is impossible to hike the entire trail loops on this trip, so plan accordingly.


This reserve is significant also because it acts as an ecological linkage for the Oak Ridges Moraine.

You should also be aware that unlike other parks managed and maintained in Richmond Hill by the City of Richmond Hill, this park is managed and managed by the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority.


The Oak Ridges Corridor Conservation Reserve is a great place to get outdoors and enjoy the beauty of nature. It’s also an important conservation area for species at risk, so it’s well worth your time to visit!